General informations

Patitiri, the new small settlement located on a safe gulf, is full of life and activity, with many restaurants and other beachfront establishments and a considerable number of accommodations.

The city also has bus services to Palaia Alonissos and boats to nearby unsettled islands and the beautiful beaches of the island. With a boat you can also cruise around the whole island.

One of the best ways to get to know the island's extensive coastsline is by boat.

Travel agencies regularly organize island tours during the summer time. 1 km north of the harbor, the settlement Votsi is surrounded by trees and further north are the beaches Platsouka, Milia, Chrysi Milia, and Kokkinokastro (30 minutes by boat from Patitiri away)

Located on the small island opposite Kokkinokastro, archeologists have dug up stone tools and fossilized bones from the Middle Ages of the Early Stone Age, which are considered to be the oldest evidence of human existence in the Aegean region.

In Kokkinokastro you can see sparse remains of an ancient acropolis and a Venetian mine.

Further north are Steni Vala, Glyfa, Kalamakia and Agios Dimitrios.

3 km south of Patitiri you come to the resort of Marpounta consisting of a beautiful beach and greenery.

The place Palaia Alonissos or Chora is located west of Patitiri on a hill with a splendid view on all sides. It is an enchanting little place with densely built traditional-style houses where time seems to have stood still. Many of the houses are renovated today. Worth seeing are the remains of the Venetian fortifications and the churches of St. Athanasios and St. George, as well as the Christ Church. To the north is the monastery Agii Anargzri. in the northwest are the beaches Vrysitsa, Tsoukalia and Megali Ammos.

At the point called Gerakas, at the northernmost point of the island, a center for the protection of the Mediterranean seal Monacus has been established.

The sea around Alonissos has been declared the "Marine Park of the Northern Sporades", where this rare species is protected.

Geography and history

Alonissos is located east of Skopelos, from which its southern tip is separated only by a narrow passage. East of Alonissos are the small islands of Lechousa, Peristera and Adelfi. The island is of a narrow elongated shape, has a land curse of 64 km2 and a coastline of 64 km2. Alonissos is densely forested, the pine reach in some places almost to the sea. The island has beautiful beaches and the sea is very clean.

Alonissos was inhabited since prehistoric times. In the 14th century BC, the Mycenaeans conquered the island, during the period of classical Greece two cities developed, which were famous for their good wine. On the southeast coast you will find some remnants of ancient settlements at the place called Kokkinokastro.

The island was in the 4th year. B.C. conquered by the Athenians and later by the Romans. In the year 42. BC. it was recaptured by the Athenians. In 1538 Alonissos was looted by Barbarossa and then conquered by the Turks. Together with the other islands she was later freed after the wars of independence.

In 1965 the island was shaken by a severe earthquake, the old capital, called Alonissos or Chora, suffered heavy damage and the inhabitants settled in Patitri in the southeast of the island, which is today's capital.



Mit der Fähre gibt es regelmässige Verbindungen von Volos nach Patitri-Alonissos. Die Entfernung beträgt 60 Seemeilen.


Von Athen aus kann man Volos mit Überlandbussen der KTEL Verkehrsbetriebe erreichen.

Sie fahren vom Busbahnhof in der Liosion-Strasse 260 ab.


Von Agios Konstantinos mit Fährschiffen aus regelmässige Verbindungen mit Paitiri. Die Entfernung beträgt 62 Seemeilen


Von Athen nach Agios Konstantinos gibt es tägliche Vusverbindungen mit Bussen der KTEL- Verkehrsbetriebe Liosion-Str. 260.

Mit Schnellbooten von Volos und von Agios Konstantintinos aus regelm’ssige Verbindugnen mit Patitri. Busse der Schiffslinie brigen die Passagiere von Athen nach Agios Konstantinos. Per F’hrschiff hat Alonissos auch Verbindungen mit Glossa Skopelou, Skopelos, Skiathos, Triker, Nisaki Trikeri, ymi und Thessaloniki.

Mit Schnellbooten Verbindungen mit Glossa Skopelou, Skopelos, Skiathos, Trikeri und im Sommer auch mit Skyros, Euboia, Platania, Nisaki Trikeri, Thessaloniki, Marmara, Moudania, Pefkochori, Porto Karra.