General Informations:

Chalcis is the capital of the island and its administrative, commercial, and commercial center. It is located at the narrowest point of the strait between the island and the mainland, the Strait of Evripos. The connection to the mainland was previously carried out here by a drawbridge which was open when ships would pass, from there you can enjoy a great view of the tides. Today the connection is made by a suspension bridge through of which the travel time has been reduced significantly.

Geography & History

The main attractions of Chalcis are i.a. Castle Kanithos on the coast, located on the top of a wooded hill, the Roman aqueduct, the historical archives, the library, the art gallery and several patrician houses, the church of the patron saint, Agia Paraskevi, the church of Agios Niolaos and others. The Archaeological Museum exhebits various finds from the nearby excavation areas. The Folklore Museum, which is housed in a part of the medieval fortifications of the city, provides various costumes from all over Evia, as well as traditional furnishings, tools and equipment.