General informations:

The capital of the same name, also called Chora, is located about 5 km inwards the mainland from the port of Katapola and 12 km from the port of Ägiali. It is built on a steep rocky hill crowned by a 13th century Venetian castle. The Chora is a charming little settlement with all the typical features of the Cycladic architecture: small cube-shaped dazzling white houses, innumerable chapels with elegant bell towers and domes that seem to float, narrow winding cobbled streets that lead up through the small houses thouse where built close to each other for lack of space leading to the castle, picturesque windmills and much more.

In the Gavra tower, a patrician's house from the 18th century, there is a museum with exhibits from the excavations on the island.

A bit outside the main town, in the northeast, stands on a steep, 300 meters Tall hill, the Byzantine monastery Panagia i Chozoviotissa.

In the monastery there is a miraculous icon of the virgin Maria, for her, on every 21. of November a big celebration is held in her hounor. In the northeast of Amorgos lies the bay Agiali with beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. To the northwest of the main town lies Katapola, the main port. On a hill above the village you can see the ruins of the ancient Ninoa, with the remains of a wall, a gymnasium and a temple. In this area there was also the temple of Apollo, on whose remains first an early Christian basilica, and later the church "Panagia i Katapoliani" were built. Further south in the middle of the Island are picturesque villages and the traditional Arkesini, which has kept its ancient name. At the place called Kastri, where the church "Panagia i Kastriani" stands, you can see ruins of the ancient city.

Geography and History:

Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades. The soil is mountainous, with the Krikelos (820 meters) as the highest peak, and small plains between the hills.

The east coast is steep and rocky, while there are many quiet coves on the west coast where you can swim as well. The island has two harbors: Katapola and Aigiali.

The significant archaeological finds testify that Margos was a center of the Cycladic culture. An important antique town on the island of Minoa, named after the Minoans who conquered the island. Another important ancient city was Arkesini, which was inhabited by the Ionian colonists from Naxos. During the time of the Frankish rule, the island was abandoned, the inhabitants sought refuge in Naxos and Crete.


Mit dem Fährschiff von Priäus nach Katapola (138 Seemeilen) und Ägiali (148 Seemeilen).

Katapola hat auch eine Verbindung mit Rafina.

Katapola und Ägiali haben von Piräus und Rafina aus auch Verbindungen mit Schnellschiffen.

Mit Fährschiffen und Schnellbooten aus Piräus und Rafina hat die Insel Verbindungen mit vielen anderen Kykladeninseln.